Register for Homebase

A detailed checklist to help you complete Homebase registration and achieve final clearance.

Getting Started

Step 1: Enroll at WWCC in one of the WWU-approved areas of study. Note: WWCC recommends early enrollment -- space is limited and special permission is required for some areas of study.

Step 2: Apply for the Homebase program at WWU.

Step 3: Submit personal references. WWU requires two personal references.

Once you are accepted to the Homebase program:

Step 4: Submit a Homebase Residence Reservation form, and pay an initial room deposit for $200, to reserve your room.

Step 5: Complete and submit the following forms:

Step 6: Review your meal plan options. Your Homebase flat fee includes the Gold meal plan (12 meals per week in the WWU cafeteria). You may upgrade or downgrade your meal plan.

Step 7: Pay your Homebase quarterly flat fee. This is also the time to adjust your meal plan (optional) or purchase WWU Student Medical Insurance (required if student does not have proof of medical insurance coverage for care within a 20-mile radius of Walla Walla University). Contact the Student Financial Services department at (800) 656-2815 with questions.

Step 8: Receive your clearance from your Homebase coordinator. Note: your coordinator will need to verify payment, receipt of appropriate forms (see above), and enrollment at WWCC in one of the WWU-approved areas of study before you receive final clearance, and move into the residence hall.

Once you receive final clearance, you may move into the WWU residence hall, get your WWU identification card and become an active member on our campus.

Call: (800) 541-8900
Fax: (509) 527-2397

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