Walla Walla University CommUnity and Attendance Policy

CommUnity Attendance Policy

CommUnity Philosophy

University CommUnity offers weekly opportunities for the entire campus to gather together for worship, academic reflection and discussion, celebrations of school spirit, social outreach, and civic enlightenment.

ndergraduate students are expected to attend at least 11 University CommUnity Programs each quarter of enrollment. A student who does not meet the minimum attendance requirement at the end of the quarter will receive a Registration Hold affecting academic registration. 

         Attendance credits can be obtained by attending the Tuesday morning CommUnity programs, Service Day options, ASWWU Confabs, Chamber Series Concerts (see the current CommUnity Calendar/Policy brochure or on-line at: http://www.wallawalla.edu/life-at-wwu/student-life/community/community-schedule/).

         Attendance is recorded by student’s proxing their ID cards in as they enter the church sanctuary and out as they exit after the program is over. In the event that the card reader is not reading a students' ID, the student may attend CommUnity and afterwards stop by the Head Ushers station and complete a CommUnity Accountability Form.  The student should have their ID card replaced immediately. Students who arrive at CommUnity later than 11:10 a.m. will not receive credit. Students who depart from a CommUnity program prior to the official conclusion will not receive credit (unless prior arrangements have been made with the office of Student Life or the Head Usher.) 

         It is the student’s responsibility to insure their attendance is being recorded correctly on their myWWU page.

         Should the student’s record not reflect attendance for a program that they attended, they have 72 hours to contact the office of Student Life and Mission.  Credit will not be given for any program after the 72 hour deadline.

         Student’s arriving at CommUnity without their student ID card may attend the CommUnity program and afterwards drop by the Head Ushers station (center of the church lobby), and fill out a CommUnity Accountability Form (with name, ID#, date, speaker, and summary) students will be able to receive credit this way, no more than twice within a quarter.

         Students who have verified work or school related conflicts, may appeal for a reduction in CommUnity requirements.  CommUnity Reduction in Attendance Request forms are valid on a quarter by quarter basis and may be obtained from the office of Student Life and Mission (street level of Kellogg Hall).  A complete work schedule and Class schedule (printed off from your

myWWU account) are required with each quarters’ Reduction Request.  Request for Reduction in Attendance form must be submitted by the Friday of the first week of classes for each academic quarter.


         Students who do not meet their CommUnity Attendance requirement can expect to receive a hold on their registration and the following message will appear on their registration:  

            This CommUnity Hold prevents you from enrolling in classes.

         This hold results from attending less than the amount required for this current quarter under CommUnity Policy

         First quarter of non-compliance: CommUnity probation status #1 – to clear this hold, please go to the office of Student Life (located to the right of the SAC) to sign a Statement of Intent, signifying you understand the CommUnity Attendance Program.

         Second quarter of non-compliance: CommUnity probation status #2 – This hold will remain until you meet with the Discipline Committed (call Student Life office 527-2511 to set up an appointment)

         Third quarter of non-compliance: CommUnity probation status #3 – You will be subject to a quarter dismissal from WWU.


Attendance will not be recorded for married students, students with children, students 25 years or older, community students enrolled for 5 hours or less, or students holding a baccalaureate degree.

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