Utility Failure

Report Incident
 Call Plant Services, 2722, or Campus Security, 2222.

Electrical/power failure

  • If there is an electrical short in equipment, immediately shut off the electricity, pull the plug or shut off electrical circuit breakers if you can do so safely.
  • Turn off as much computer equipment as possible to prevent damage to the equipment when the power is restored.

Plumbing failure/flooding

  • Stop using all electrical equipment.
  • If necessary, vacate the area of flooding. Shut off water and/or contain flooding, if possible.

Gas leak

  • Cease all operations and shut off sources of ignition.
  • To avoid triggering an explosion, do not switch on lights or any equipment.
  • Evacuate the area. Close all doors.

Campus Security 309 South College Ave College Place, WA 99324
24 Hour: (509) 527-2222
Director: (509) 527-2613

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