If you are the victim of sexual assault

  •   Get to a safe place.
  •  Call 911 for emergency help.
  •  Immediately report an assault to the police.
  •  Report to Campus Security, 2222, whether or not you decide to press charges.
  •  Seek medical attention immediately. Do not bathe or shower before visiting medical facility.
  •  Collect all clothing that can be used as evidence.

 Seek emotional support from friends and counselors.
    - Counseling Resource Center, 2147
    - Sexual Abuse Helpline, (800) 234-0038

If you witness a sexual assault

  •  Call 911 if it is an emergency and offer emotional and physical support to victim.
  •  Call any number below for a non-emergency assault:

     - Campus Security 2222
     - College Place Police 525-7778
     - Dean of Women 2531
     - Dean of Men 2111
     - Counseling Center 2147
     - Campus Health Services 2425

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