The Campus Health & Wellness (CH&W) mission is to support a healthy campus so that academic support is maximized. CH&W offers a wide range of medical services to all students, full time faculty, and staff. If you have a question regarding whether or not a service is offered please email us or come in and ask.

Basic Services

The main objective of basic services is to provide outpatient medical services for the care of acute and sub acute conditions, illnesses, and injuries rather than comprehensive medical care for major problems. The professional staff of nurse practitioners, physician consultant, and registered nurses provide treatment of episodic problems of short duration such as colds, flus, minor accidents and limited physical examinations. If the problem requires medical workup beyond the scope of the Center's available facilities, referral is made to outside professional care.

Student Based Services

The following are just some of the services offered: (Also see Rights and Responsibilities)

Free Services

Acute Minor Illness Evaluation (nurse practitioner/registered nurse visit only)
Blood Pressure Check
Sharps containers and disposal of sharps

Fee-based Services

All prices are subject to change without notice

Student Missionary Exam ($40)
Adventist Colleges Abroad Exam ($65)
Commercial Drivers License Exam ($145)
School/Sport Physical Exam ($90)
Initial Doctor Visit ($125)
Established Doctor Visit ($85)
AIDS Testing (fee varies)
Gynecological Exam ($95)
Lab Charges (fee varies)
MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) ($65)
Prescriptions (fee varies)
Rapid Strep Test ($20)
TB Test ($15-20)
TDaP (Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis) ($55)
Influenza ($20)
Urinalysis (Dip) ($20)
Wart Removal (fee varies)

Staff Based Services

As part of your Medical Benefits, Walla Walla University, Campus Health & Wellness (CHW) provides health and medical care with $10 co-pay (can be charged to account) for full-time employees and their eligible spouse and dependents.

Minor Injuries

Sprain / Strain / Fracture Evaluation
Worker's Compensation
Initial First Aide Treatment and Referral for Evaluation
Recent Onset Illnesses
Upper Respiratory Infections (cough, cold, minor sinus problem)
Lower Respiratory Infections (wheezing, bronchitis)
Otitis (ear pain/infections)
Conjunctivitis (infected/irritated eyes)
Herpes Stomatitis (cold sore on mouth)
Urinary Tract Infection (burning/frequency with urination)
Wart treatment
Allergy Injections
Flu Shots

For any kind of health problem that is not short-term and requires on-going medical care, you are required to select an off-campus health-care professional to provide these services.
Other Services Available:

In Office:

Rapid Strep
Urinalysis (Dip)
Blood Glucose
Pregnancy Test
Outside Lab:
Chem Screen

Laboratory & xray

Some routine laboratory tests are performed in Campus Health & Wellness, while the remainder are sent to a local laboratory. On referral by a healthcare provider, diagnostic tests such as X-rays are available.


Full-time Walla Walla University faculty/staff; staff who have Risk Management insurance through the college may receive written prescription items through Campus Health & Wellness. The co-pay must be made at the time of receipt. Written prescriptions obtained can be delivered to the campus. Some prescriptions, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and cough syrups are available in the CH&W Clinic. Over-the-counter medications can be purchased through the clinic. Purchases must be paid by check or cash.


Accidents occurring at work need to be claimed on Worker's Compensation. It is the worker's responsibility to report all accidents to Human Resources who will process the claims. If the injury needs first aid care, you may be seen at CH&W. You will then be referred out for evaluation and care. Serious accidents should involve a trip to the emergency room.

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