Prescriptions may be filled at the Pharmacy of your choice. If you do not have cash to purchase prescriptions, they may be charged to your Walla Walla University student account. WWU has an agreement with Professional Center 205 Pharmacy to charge prescriptions. In order to charge, you must show your current WWU ID card. You will be given the prescription and the charged amount will show on your student account. If you have excessive charges, please contact the Student Financial Services office to arrange payment.

Exemption: Hepatitis B vaccine cannot be charged to your WWU student account, but still may be obtained from the nursing department.


This plan includes a drug benefit through Caremark for prescription services throughout the United States. A listing of contracted pharmacies and services is available at Caremark Customer Service at 1-800-777-1023, or on-line at

Filling Prescriptions

Caremark offers two options for filling your prescriptions:
Option One is to have your prescription filled at a participating pharmacy. To find a pharmacy near you, please refer to the Caremark online pharmacy locator, To have your prescription filled at a participating pharmacy, simply present your ID card (the same ID card you use for medical care) to the pharmacist. You can receive up to a 30-day supply of most medications. You will be responsible for the co-payment and any co-insurance percentage that applies to eligible prescriptions.

Option Two is to have your medication delivered to your home using our convenient mail service program, Caremark Direct. This is a great option if you have a maintenance medication or a medication that you are taking for an extended period of time.

If you need a prescription before you have received your ID card, call Wells Fargo Student Insurance (800-853-5899). We will verify eligibility and provide you with an ID number to take to the pharmacy. Otherwise, you may pay for the prescription and submit the receipt (which must include date, prescription, dosage, quantity, and amount paid) with a claim form to Caremark for reimbursement. A claim form is included with your ID card package, and may be downloaded from Your reimbursement will be at the discounted participating pharmacy rate, less your co-pay. You will be responsible for any difference between the discounted pharmacy rate and the actual purchase price of the prescription.

Internet Capabilities

The Caremark website is dedicated to providing you information about your prescription plan, mail service and answering many frequently asked questions about pharmacy benefits. The site provides the following:

Pharmacy Locator
E-mail Caremark Customer Service
Formulary Counselor
Online Health Library

Formulary Counselor allows members to see customized descriptions of medications, which includes important drug information, classification and formulary status. It also provides patient specific plan and co-pay information, alternative treatments, and other data designed to help the member better understand his/her treatment and how it fits into his/her health plan.

If you have questions regarding benefits or the status of a prescription claim, please call Gail Stolz at (509) 527-2425.

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