If you are a Social Work Graduate Student who is not already established with a healthcare provider in the Missoula area, Campus Health & Wellness recommends:

First Care North
Northgate Plaza
2230 North Reserve St
Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: 406 721-0533

Walla Walla University Campus Health & Wellness has contracted with the above medical facility to provide acute care medical evaluations at no charge to the students. All students remain financially responsible for their own pharmaceuticals, laboratory fees, diagnostic testing and prescriptions.  If for any reason your medical insurance does not cover labs, medications or related medical bills, you will be responsible for payment in full.

At the beginning of each term the student must sign up for health care with Nancy Peters/Ashley Fuchs in the School of Social Work Office. New students may enroll at the quarter they enter the program. Be sure to identify yourself as a Walla Walla University student. Have your student ID card available.

If First Care North refers any students to an outside health care provider, the student will be financially responsible for all care given. Students will be expected to adhere to all policies of First Care North at any and all times, including appropriate behavior.

If you are enrolled in the WWU student medical insurance plan, you must fill out a claim form for each new condition or prescription. (See the insurance brochure for specific information on coverage.) Insurance claim forms may be obtained from Nancy Peters and/or Ashley Fuchs at the WWU Social Work Office, Missoula Branch or download from wallawalla.edu/services/ health (see forms).

Questions about the student medical insurance plan should be directed to Gail Stolz at the office below. Patrick Smart, ARNP, is the director of Campus Health & Wellness and may also be contacted at this office:
Campus Health & Wellness

Phone: 509 527-2425
Walla Walla University
Fax: 509 527-2426
133 S. College Ave. Suite 101
e-mail: Gail.Stolz@wallawalla.edu
College Place, WA 99324

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