Student Accident Insurance

Walla Walla University provides most students with Student Accident Insurance which covers up to $3,000 per occurrence for many accidents on campus and campus-owned housing during the school year or term for which they are enrolled. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive health care policy, but is intended to assist with most emergency situations.

On Call Travel Assist is an additional service offered to WWU students requiring medical assistance and are more than 100 miles from their permanent residence, campus or in another country. This is not an insurance, it is a service and you must call the On Call Global Response Center at 1 (877) 318-6901 (toll-free within US and Canada). +1 (603) 628-1909 (collect from outside the US and Canada) for assistance or email:

It is the responsibility of the student to report all accidents to Campus Health & Wellness within 90 days. CHW will assist you with filling out and filing the necessary claim forms. If you are on the Portland, Billings, Missoula or Rosario campus, contact the campus administrative assistant or Gail Stolz at Campus Health & Wellness for Assistance with insurance questions and claim forms. You may also contact A-G Administrators to assist you with processing claims.

Any medical costs not covered by these insurance plans are the financial responsibility of the student.

Student Medical Insurance

WWU requires that all undergraduate students be covered under the mandatory Walla Walla University Student Health Insurance. Students who have comparable health insurance such as through a parent/spouse/employer/etc. can now waive out of the WWU Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have comparable health insurance coverage and want to waive out of the plan for the current academic year, you must complete the online Student Health Insurance Waiver Process by the last day of student financial clearance. By doing this , you will avoid both having an incomplete Insurance Checklist as well as being charged for the WWU Student Health Insurance. You only need to waive once per academic year. If you lose your coverage anytime during the year, you are able to opt back in to the WWU Student Health Insurance Plan.

As a WWU tuition paying student, your are eligible to enroll in the WWU Student Health Insurance Plan. This plan can be purchased on the myWWU Student Insurance Waiver site.

Eligible students may also purchase dependent coverage under the Mandatory Waiver Student Sickness and Additional Accident Insurance Plan by contacting Wells Fargo Insurance (800) 853-5899. Dependent eligibility expires concurrently with that of the Insured Student.

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