**After Hours**

We highly encourage each student to be seen in the clinic at the early onset of an illness. However, if an illness or accident occurs after hours, we encourage you to:

  • Contact your Dean and, if needed, they will contact the clinic personnel.
  • For emergency care go the Emergency Room at Walla Walla General Hospital (at (509) 525-0480 | 1025 S 2nd Ave, Walla Walla, WA).
  • Dial 911


Clinic visits require appointments; however there are limited walk-in or same-day appointments available.

CHW Week of Worship Hours

CHW Week of Worship Hours  
Mon 9-11 am & 1-4 pm  
Tue Closed am / Open 1-4 pm  
Wed 9-11 am & 1-4 pm  
Thu 9-10 am & 1-4 pm  
Fri 9-11:30 am  
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