Billings Campus

In order to serve the health needs of students in the Billings MSW program, Walla Walla University Health & Wellness has contracted with Yellowstone City-County Health Department-Deering Clinic, to provide acute medical care. They are located at:

Yellowstone City-County Health Department
Deering Clinic
123 South 27th
P.O. Box 35033
Billings, MT 59107

Phone: (406) 247-3350
Fax: (406) 247-3389 

At the beginning of each Fall quarter students must sign up through the social work program to be able to utilize care with the above health care provider. New students need to sign up at the beginning of the quarter they enter the program. Students may contact Sheila Dockter to sign up or you can phone her at (406) 254-9907 or (888) 263-4880. Office visits/evaluations are free.  However, the student is financially responsible for any additional labs, prescriptions, blood work and cultures, etc.

Acute care services includes the following: Ear aches, sinus infections, sore throat, bronchitis/pneumonia, urinary tract infections, severe hay fever/allergies, accidents & etc.

Acute care does not include: Pregnancy and chronic conditions that need ongoing treatment and monitoring, diabetes, hypertension, depression, etc.

Students may be seen by calling and setting up an appointment or just walk-in (you may have a longer wait). Students will need to show their student ID card.

All enrolled, tuition paying, graduate and undergraduate students on the Billings campus are covered by the WWU Student Accident Insurance Policy, with a maximum coverage of $3,000 per occurrence. This covers most accidents on campus, school sponsored activities and campus owned housing during the school year or term for which they are enrolled. It does not cover accidents occurring off campus, with the exception of university sponsored activities.(Please see "Exclusions" section.)

Keep in mind that this in not a comprehensive health care policy, but is intended to assist with most emergency situations. The total Accident benefits will not exceed, in the aggregate, a maximum of $3,000 per Accident.

Though graduate students are not required to have the Mandatory/Waiver Student Sickness and Additional Accident Insurance Plan, they are strongly encouraged to purchase coverage. This plan can be purchased during student registration or by downloading the insurance form in pdf format (preferred). For further questions contact Gail Stolz at WWU.

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