Club Resources

Club Management on myWWU

To review how to manage your club on myWWU, view the Club Management System Documentation. For questions on managing your club on myWWU, email

Club Finances

The Accounting Office is available to answer questions related to club accounts, reimbursements, and charges. Make sure your treasurer or financial officer communicates with the Accounting Office for an up-to-date account balance. If your club has a purchasing card, it is strongly recommended that you use it for all purchases.

Withdrawal – To withdraw funds under $200 from student club/org. accounts, submit this Club Withdrawal Request Form to For withdrawals over $200, use this Check Request Form

Invoice Payment – For invoices under $500, submit the invoice with two club officers’ signatures and the club’s accounting information (“309329-<insert your club ID here>-71”) to For invoices over $500, one club officer signature and the club’s sponsor signature, in addition to the accounting information must be written on the invoice.

Reimbursement – To reimburse club officers or sponsors for club expenses, submit this Club Reimbursement Request Form along with original receipts to the Accounting office for each individual receiving a reimbursement.

Presenter Fee – To request a check for an event presenter, submit this Check Request Form to


Club Leadership

Access the Club Leadership PowerPoint for club officers and sponsors originally presented before the 2014 Welcome Back Bash online.

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