What is the purpose of clubs?

Campus clubs provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with similar interests to connect. 

Who runs clubs?

Clubs and their activities are run by students and sponsored by a faculty and/or staff member. The office of Student Life and Mission oversees the approval of new clubs and club events. Contact Emily Muthersbaugh at emily.muthersbaugh@wallawalla.edu for more information about campus clubs.

What clubs can I join? 

  • All Bytes Club
  • Amnesty International Club
  • ASCE
  • Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC)
  • ASME Club
  • Atlas Club
  • Aviation Club
  • Biology Club
  • Booster Club
  • BSCF Club
  • Business Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Computer Science Club
  • Drama Club
  • Education Club*
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)*
  • Pegasus Club (English Club)*
  • Fitness Factory Club
  • French Club
  • German Club
  • His Kids in Action Club
  • History Club*
  • Honors Club
  • IEEE
  • Longboarding Club
  • Math Club
  • Men's Volleyball Club
  • Music Club
  • Nursing Club
  • Pre-Law Club
  • Pre-Professional Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Serve Club
  • Society of Women Engineers Club (SWE)
  • Summer Camp Club
  • Swim Club
  • Theology Club
  • University Auto Club
  • Visual Communications Club*

Students are automatically a part of the following clubs based on their residence:

  • AGA (students living in the women's dormitory)
  • Omicrom Pi Sigma (students living in the men's dormitory)
  • Village Club (students living in campus-owned or off-campus housing)

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How do I join a club?

Club sign-ups are online through myWWU.

How many clubs can I join?

Students can be a member of a maximum of three (3) clubs at an given time.

Students are automatically a part of residents clubs. These clubs do not count agains the three (3) club maximum:

  • AGA (students living in the women's dormitory)
  • Omicrom Pi Sigma (students living in the men's dormitory)
  • Village Club (students living in campus-owned or off-campus housing)

What is the Welcome Back Bash?

The Welcome Back Bash is an annual event for clubs to showcase their purpose and activities. At the Welcome Back Bash students, faculty, and staff can get to know club officers and sponsors and learn more about events put on by different clubs. Students can sign up for clubs at the Welcome Back Bash as well as on myWWU. 

How do I start a club?

  1. Contact Emily Muthersbaugh at emily.muthersbaugh@wallawalla.edu with your idea for a club.
  2. Draft a constitution and bylaws for your club.
  3. Await club approval.
  4. Print and complete the Club Signature Authorization Sheet to authorize club charges.
  5. Run a table at the Welcome Back Bash.
  6. Recruit members to sign up at myWWU.

How do I drop my membership from a club? 

Contact your club's president, sponsor, or another club officer to drop your membership from a club. If you are unable to contact any club leadership, contact Emily Muthersbaugh at emily.muthersbaugh@wallawalla.edu to drop a club.

How do I learn about my club's upcoming events?

Contact your clubs' officers or sponsor to find out about upcoming club events. Club officers and sponsors can be found on myWWU.

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