Volleyball Schedule

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Week 1 (4/8-4/9)            
7:45   SWAT Team vs Old but Slow (21-11, 21-15)   James & Co (21-8,21-10) vs Good volley miss Molly   Team Brooke (18-21,21-12,15-7) vs Sweet Chaos
8:30   Johanna (Postpone) vs Dathan Linsten   Fire Breathing RD (Forfeit) vs Diggers with Attitude   The Bartonettes vs TBA (21-18,21-18)
9:15   BIP vs Hitlist (19-21,23-21,15-13)   Tip & Chips (21-18,21-19) vs The Notorious D.I.G.   Serves You Right (21-19,23-25,15-7) vs Spikin Sie Deutsch
7:00   BIP! vs Old but Slow (21-9,21-16)   Team Brooke vs Dathan Lindsten (Forfeit)   Sweet Chaos (15-21,21-13,15-9) vs Hitlist
7:45   Johanna Uribe vs Tip & Chips (21-15,22-22)   Victorious Secret (Forfeit) vs The More Notorious D.I.G.   The Notorious D.I.G. vs Diggers with Attitude (21-14,17-21,15-11)
8:30   Gold Diggers (10-21,21-16,2-1) vs Love at First Spike   Nuff Said vs The More Notorious D.I.G. (21-17,21-15)   Block and Roll vs Nothing but Net (21-16,16-21,15-8)
9:15   Balonvolea (21-17,21-15) vs Decent Sets   Empire Spikes Back (Forfeit) vs The Munchkns   Walla Walla wallabies vs Featuring 2-Chainz (21-17,18-21,16-14)
Week 2 (4/14-4/16)            
7:00   BIP! (21-16,26-24) vs Sweet Chaos   The Bartonettes vs Old but Slow (21-12,21-8)   The More Notorious DIG (21-15,21-18) vs Victorious Secret
7:45   Team Brooke (21-15,24-22) vs Johanna Uribe   The Notorious D.I.G (21-10,21-9)vs Free Agents   The More Notorious DIG (Forfeit) vs Nothing but Net
8:30   SWAT Team (21-15,21-18) vs Hitlist   Serves you Right (21-15,18-21,15-12) vs Walla Walla Wallabies   Love at first spike (Forfeit) vs Block and Roll
9:15   Fire Breathing RD vs Tip & Chips (21-18,21-10)   Diggers with Atd vs James & Co (21-10,21-14)   Good volley miss Molly vs TBA (21-15,21-12)
7:45   TBA (21-18,21-17) vs SWAT Team   Good volley miss M vs Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies (21-15,18-21,15-12)   Nuff Said vs The Munchkins (21-19,21-17)
8:30   Balonvolea (won) vs Block and Roll   James and Co (21-16,21-13) vs Tip and Chips   Gold Diggers (21-17,23-21) vs Featuring 2-Chainz
9:15   Spikin Sie Deutsch (21-15,16-21,15-11) vs Gold Diggers   Diggers with Atd (17-21,21-14,15-12) vs TBA   Gold Diggers vs Featuring 2-Chainz
7:00   Good volley miss M vs Old but Slow (21-9,21-11)   The Notorious D.I.G (21-9,21-14)vs Johanna Uribe   Serves you Right (23-21,21-19) vs Balonvolea
7:45   Team Brooke (21-15,21-16) vs BIP!   SWAT Team vs Sweet Chaos (14-21,21-17,15-11)   Gold Diggers (21-17,21-13) vs Walla Walla Wallabies
8:30   Fire Breathing RD (Forfeit) vs Free Agents   The Bartonettes (21-13,21-16) vs Hitlist   Nothing but Net (19-21,21-19,14-12) vs Descent Sets
9:15   Victorious Secret (Forfeit) vs The Munchkins   The More Notorious DIG vs Love at first Spike (21-14,17-21,15-11)   Spikin Sie Deutsch vs Block and Roll (21-12,21-13)
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