Softball Schedule

Field 1 is the one with lights behind the WEC; Field 2 is the new one on the old rogers field, NOT the Varsity field. (*) Preseason Games
  Field 1   Field 2
Week 2 (4/14-4/17)      
5:30 Optimistic Pessimists vs. Cosmonauts   Tommy Moen vs. What Willis Was Talking About
6:45 Team Rocket vs. Adrenaline    
8:00 The Kekumbas vs. Caught Looking    
5:30 Happy Dougouts vs. Optimistic Pessimists   Only Singles, Ladies vs. Cosmonauts
6:45 Adernaline vs. Shabba Ranks    
5:30 Happy Dougouts vs. Kekumbas   Tommy Moen vs. Only Singles, Ladies
6:45 Caught Looking vs. What Willis Was Talking About    
8:00 Shabba Ranks vs. Team Rocket    
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