Football Schedule

MONDAY 10-13-14  
Field 1 Field 2
6:00 Team Oskie vs. Omaha Omaha Omaha The AWESOMES vs. Wrenches & Pee Traps
7:15 Pitch Plaease vs. Better With Age The Systematic Sqirrels vs. Victorious Secret
8:30 No Punt Intended vs. Omaha 12 Pet Detectives vs. Team Sparta
TUESDAY 10-14-14  
Field 1 Field 2
6:00 The FLOC vs. Gridiron Game That Team Though vs. Four
7:15 Better With Age vs. Missing A Wild Ginger mystic pigeons vs. 21Madd Dawgs
8:30 Brownhawks vs.Running Scared Snakes in the Grass vs. Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
WEDNESDAY 10-15-14  
Field 1 Field 2
6:00 The AWESOMES vs. Cookie Monsters Victorious Secret vs. That Team Though
7:15 Brownhawks vs. Make it Rainbows Four vs. Free Agent Squad
8:30 Missing A Wild Ginger vs. Running Scared Snakes in the Grass vs. No Punt Intended
THURSDAY 10-16-14  
Field 1 Field 2
6:00 Walla Walla Wallabies vs. Wrenches & Pee Tr The Soccer Team vs. Omaha 12
7:15 Make It Rainbows vs. Pitch Please Madd Dawgs vs. Cookie Monsters
8:30 Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies vs. Omaha Omaha Omaha Free Agent Squad vs. The Systematic Squirrels
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