Last Update: 2/27/2014    
Team Name   Wins   Losses   Average
Betta World Peace            
Marty and da Boyz            
Pizza Party       1    
Team 10   1        
The Abusement Park            
The AWESOMES            
The Dragic Carpet Ride            
Those Guys            
We Stay Fly       1    
WWC   1        
B-league Champions       1    
Compton State University            
Dirk is Dead   1        
League of Draven            
Have Ball Will Travel            
Dunkin Donuts       1    
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies   1        
Head Bands Make Her Dance       1    
I Think Therefore I Slam       1    
Monstars   1        
Nickel & Dimes   1        
Steph Curry with the Shot       1    
The Basketball Players   1        
Three the Hard Way   1        
Back Home Ballers            
Goon Squad            
Hooplaaa       1    
Hot Shots   1        
Team Island Sway            
T.O.A.R.K.       1    
The Pain Train   1        
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