Word from Director

Whether you are a student interested in being a volunteer, or you are checking out the WWU Student Missions program, there is information posted here that will be of interest to you.

Student Missions is a benchmark program at Walla Walla University.  Our students are dedicated to serving God and are responsible to follow God as they serve others around the world.  As many of our student employees are former student missionaries, this experience strengthens our Student Missions leaders as they help plan on-campus activities. 

Each year at WWU, anywhere from 70 - 116 students are continents away, working as student missionaries and learning to blend into another culture.  The dedication of these student missionaries is what helps make Walla Walla University what it is today -- a spiritually powerful campus.

Student Missions is really a gift WWU gives to the world through its students.  It is also a gift God gives to the students.  Most student missionaries return with extraordinary leadership skills, clearer goals and more committed lives.  WWU benefits from the strong spiritual influence of these returned SMs on our campus.  They become our student leaders. They are students with a vision and they are not afraid to lead.

Student Missions continues to facilitate far-reaching service throughout the world.  I only wish you could witness the personal miracle stories that I see and hear daily.  I continue to be amazed as I see the capabilities of each student when just offered the opportunity. I believe in our Walla Walla University students and with God’s help I am committed to continue to match service opportunities with the talent and desire to serve of students. Miracles happen as the student partners with God.

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