You can contribute toward the general expenses of the student missionaries by giving your unrestricted, tax-deductible gift.

Donate online today.

If you were contacted by a prospective student missionary to assist the Student Missionary program with your gifts, please let us know by writing their name in the "Student Solicitor" portion of the donation form. While we do not specifically credit contributions to any particular student's account, we do like to let our students know so that they may write to our donors to thank them and also share their experiences from the mission field.

Questions? Please call our office at (509) 527-2633 or email the Student Missions Director, Jeanne Vories for more information.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Thanks to our generous donors, our students are exposed to the joy of Christian service and have a chance to make a major difference in the lives of people all around the world. 

Student Missionaries
Every year, we send 50+ student volunteers around the world to teach at schools, work at orphanages, and serve in the global community.

Most student missionaries return with extraordinary leadership skills, clearer goals and more committed lives.  WWU benefits from the strong spiritual influence of these returned SMs on our campus.  They become our student leaders. They are students with a vision and they are not afraid to lead. 

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