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Cyndi in Saipan

1) Contact Information Form

Please complete this form first, as your contact information carries forward to future forms.

2) SM Application

Upon completion, your application will be reviewed by the WWU Screening Committee.

3) Interview with Returned SM's

Interviewing returned SM's can help you understand how to better prepare.

4a) SM Fundraising Letter Sample

If you are pursuing a General Conference call with a monthly stipend.

4b) SM Fundraising Letter Sample (Self-Supporting) 

If you are pursuing a self-supporting or independent call.

5) Prayer Partner Form

Prayer partners are friends who support you while serving.

6) Airline Preference Information

You may either purchase your own ticket, or let us handle the arrangements. Please do not purchase one-way tickets. Also, we strongly recommend that you obtain your visa (if applicable) before purchasing!

7) Mask Information Form

Please attend the SM Orientation Retreat or upload a portrait photo of yourself.

8) Financial Agreement

Please read and understand your financial responsibilities.

9) Scholarship Application

The part of the application where you make money!

10) Immunization Information

Check your immunization record early, as you may need a series of injections.

11) Resume/CV

The Career Center, located in Kretschmar Hall, is happy to assist you in tailoring your resume or CV to your call.


Congratulations! You have completed the online portion of the application!

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