SM Application Portal

There are three portions of your application to complete. We are here to assist you.


Please come to the Chaplain's office to pick up your paperwork packet. It's beautiful. If you are applying from off-campus or need to reprint a paper, use the above link.

Online Forms

You may complete your online forms here, and view your online application progress.

General Conference Application

All GC calls require the General Conference Application. Make an account and ensure that all forms are appropriately filled.

Reference Form

You may email this form to your references. Paper copies are included in your Paperwork. Please send 7 references. One must be a pastor and two must be from unrelated professionals. For the other four, you may use friends or coworkers, but the more professional the better you look.

Cross Cultural Ministries Class

Offered spring quarter only, it is generally offered MWF at 1 p.m. and satisfies 3 credits of lower division religion requirements. If you can not fit it into your schedule, an online course is available although the physical classroom experience is highly recommended. You must submit your General Conference Application before beginning the online class.

The online class is organized into "cohorts" that are 6 weeks long. If not completed within the cohort, the class must be dropped and retaken.

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