Paperwork - Off-campus Only

This page is designed for those applying from off-campus.

If on-campus, please visit us at the Chaplain's Office for a beautifully printed packet.


Please email all completed forms to the confidential address:

Courtney in Pohnpei

1) Consent for Release of Information

Please complete first! Legally, we need this form before looking at any other forms.

2) Beneficiary Information

Please send completed form to us. We will pass it on to the GC.

3) Health Certificate

Please have your local health provider complete this form. If you don't know your Desired Country of Service yet, please leave that line blank. We'll fill it in later.

4) Health Authorization

Authorize us to see your health certificate and immunizations.

5a) Release of Liability - Funded

Use this form for funded calls.

5b) Release of Liability - Self-funded

Use this form for self-funded calls that don't pay a stipend (usually non-teaching).

6) Student Financial Agreement

Please sign this form and send it securely via the SM Application email address.

7) Insurance Waiver

Required for all independent non-US calls: If you are applying for a call that is independent of the General Conference, please complete this form. 

8) Copy of Passport

Sent us a color copy of your passport, which must not expire 6 months after your return. We can make black-and-white copies for you in the Chaplain's office, which are highly recommended for travel.



 ONLY Current Students of WWU

1) Financial Clearance

Current Students of WWU: Acknowledges that the WWU student account be paid before clearance. 

2) Academic Information

Current Students of WWU: Releases academic information for visa and/or resume. If you are not a current student, please send us an official undergraduate transcript from your institution(s).

3) Request for Experiential Credit

Current Non-graduating Students of WWU: Apply for 12 credits/academic quarter. These are non-academic credits, but will count towards housing status and worship status. Loans are deferred. Unfortunately, these credits do not apply to graduates.



On-campus Appointments

Please contact us if you are very distant from campus so we can help you accomplish everything in one trip.

1) Appointment to take 16PF Personality Test

GC & Independent Calls: Personality plays a big role in how you handle the rigors of being a student missionary. We highly recommend this test. Please make an appointment to take this test.

2) Appointment with Risk and Safety Management

Independent Calls Only: Discuss how to be safe in your country of service. For independent calls, talk with them about your insurance, which may require a separate appointment.

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