Chaplain's Message

Wow! Welcome to Walla Walla University.  It is my hope and prayer that our campus family and the WWU experience can be as momentous for you as it was for me.  When I left WWU after four years of school and one year as a Christian Service Volunteer, I took with me a message in a bottle.  That message came from my Heavenly Father and it included the following things:

1.  You are loved - perfectly and unconditionally by a wildly passionate and grace-giving God, and by your church that needs my voice
2.  You are responsible - no one can spoon feed me God, but rather I must work at nurturing that relationship with Him on an ongoing basis
3.  You are called - to go and proclaim that love to others through acts of service to the church, the community, and the world
4.  You are part of a movement of the Adventist Church to share His love to the ends of the earth, to minister to the brokenness in the world and to help Christ set the captives free in preparation for the second coming of my Son

It's my hope that when you come to WWU, you will find your own message in the bottle from your Heavenly Father and my guess is, it will resemble the messages I received.  Why?  Because God wants you to know, more than anything, that He delights in you and is crazy about you.  He wants to be in a relationship with you that you care about, He wants you to make others the point of your life so that your life can have a point, and He's called the church to take this good news to the ends of the earth so that His son may come and take us home.

Our Campus Ministries team works hard to provide you with a variety of opportunities to connect with God and others through corporate and personal worship opportunities, through small groups, through ongoing intercessory prayer, and through a variety of ways to grow as a leader and get involved in ministry on campus, in the community, and around the world.  It is our sincere hope AND mission that through all of these opportunities we may "BRING JESUS TO LIFE - in our HEARTS, for our CAMPUS, and to the WORLD."

We hope that if God is leading you to come to WWU, that you can find a home here; a place to know others and God, as well as to be known.  We also hope that you'll find your gifts; the tools God gave you to shine like a star in the universe for His glory.  Then, we hope you'll come to use those gifts to get involved in ministry, be a leader.  You can speak at the Awakening, set-up chairs at Fireside, play guitar for Heubach Worship, perform a drama for Vespers, join our Prayer Warriors, or blow the shofar to welcome the Sabbath at Vespers.  The ways to get involved are endless, we just want to see you engaged (in ministry or to someone of the opposite gender :-), remember we aren't called Western Wedding University for nothing. 

And finally, most importantly, we hope that you fall so madly in love with Jesus and all that He has done for you that you are motivated to go from this place and change the world for the Kingdom of God.

-Pastor Paddy

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Last update on December 2, 2014