Athletic Program History

The Walla Walla University Athletic program was established with the hiring of Tim Windemuth in 1983 as Walla Walla College's first Athletic Director. Walla Walla College joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in men’s and women’s Basketball and men’s Flagball in 1983. They put on clinics, played club teams and junior varsity teams. The Athletic Council was also established to develop guidelines for athletic program.

Walla Walla College added the following sports over the next few years: women’s volleyball and softball (fast-pitch), men's softball (slow-pitch), soccer, and volleyball, and men’s and women’s golf. WWC ensured compliance of the Athletic Program with SDA guidelines. Athletics has had many student athletes awarded All- American, All-Academic, and Honorable Mention all-conference awards.

Tim Windemuth retired in 2013 and was succeeded by Gerry Larson who is the current Athletic Director. The Athletic Program continues to follow the original guidelines established for the program at its inception.

Athletic Program Timeline

1994–2000 — Member of Pacific Northwest College Conference (PNCC)- 1994-2000          
                League Championships

1996 - Basketball 
1998 - Basketball1998 - Basketball
1999 - Basketball1999 - Volleyball
2000 - Basketball2000 - Basketball

1997–2008 — Member of National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA)
                National Championships
                                1998 - Men’s Volleyball - 2nd Place
                                2000 - Men’s Volleyball -WWC Hosted National Invitational - 2nd Place
                                2005 - Basketball - 4th Place
                                2008 - Basketball - 8th Place, Pete Marovich Award (#1 Player in America) to WWU Player
2004–Present — Member of United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA)
               National Championships
                                2005 -Volleyball - 4th Place
                                2006 -Volleyball - 5th Place
                                2008 -Soccer - 3rd Place
2008–Present — Member of National Association of Interscholastic Athletics (NAIA)
              Conference Championships (Associated Independent Institutions)
                                2009 - Men’s Basketball – 3rd Place
                                2010 - Women’s Volleyball  - 4th Place
2008 — New Men’s Soccer Complex Built
2009–Present —Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC) Men’s Basketball Only
2010 — New Women’s Softball Field

Historical Purpose

Mission: “Running in such a way as to win the prize.” -1 Corinthians 9:24

Vision: The purpose of athletics at Walla Walla University is to promote a life-changing experience in a Christian context. The varsity program is committed to the following values:
        -Excellence in sport
        -Fair competition
        -Commitment to God
        -Sharing of faith

Philosophy: As a Seventh-day Adventist comprehensive institution, Walla Walla University provides education with a Christian purpose, as outlined by our objectives. Intercollegiate athletics are an integral and visible part of that education and commitment to spiritual life.

Objectives: The objectives of WWU’s varsity athletic program are to develop the following in campus athletes: commitment to God, excellence in sport, a spirit of teamwork and a sense of community, superior athletic and leadership skills, a balanced lifestyle, a positive Christian attitude, and sharing of faith. Activities associated with varsity athletics support the development of school spirit in on- and off-campus communities by fostering enthusiasm for good competition, appropriate sportsmanship, and fun for all who attend.

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