International Travel

For All Walla Walla University-Sponsored International Travel

Please fill out the Proposed International Travel Request Application
                               (For fillable form, use Adobe Reader or your preferred pdf editor software)                                         

Travel must be authorized by the required signatures at the end of the form prior to making any travel arrangements or fundraising.  Proposals should be submitted a minimum of two months before the proposed departure date.

What constitutes University sponsorship?

1.  Travel is organized on behalf of a University organization.

2.  If one or more of the following apply, the travel is considered University-sponsored:

  • Participation relates to continuing education
  • A University account contributes funds
  • Held money is disbursed through a University account
  • Traveler reports as a tax-deductible expense
  • Travel fulfills University contractual agreements
  • Traveler was invited, or is attending as a representative, because the traveler is a student or employee of the University
  • Travel activity is fully supported, supervised, and controlled by the University
  • Student organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Intercollegiate athletics teams
  • Civic engagement organizations
  • Residence halls
  • Academic credit will be earned
  • Sabbatical-related activity

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