Bookstores and Book Review

AddAll -- Book Search and Price Comparison
Adventist Book Center
All -- Compare dozens of online book stores to find the lowest price!
Barnes and Noble -- Searchable Index -- 17,000,000 used and out of print books
Book Browse -- Many Reading Lists
BookHive -- Guide to children's literature and books.
Books in depth -- direct links to book review in newspapers and journals
Bookwire -- Sponsored by Bowker -- Online Ordering
Direct Textbook
GateGuide: Word -- San Francisco Chronicle Book Review
ISBN.NU -- search for books compare prices -- Offers book reviews and author interviews for children, as well as book-themed games and contests.
New York Times Books -- NY Times book reviews
Powells Book Store
Random House Library Services -- Reading and discussion groups
Review of biblical literature -- Reviews of books in biblical studies and related fields
Salon Magazine - Sneak Peeks -- Searchable collection of book reviews

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