Animal Info: information on rare, threatened and endangered mammals
Arctic Bird Library
Avibase--The World Bird Database -- Bird nomenclature in several languages
Division of Fishes--Ichthyology
Electronic Zoo
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Frogs: a chorus of colors -- Highlights from the Exhibit of the same title by the American Museum of Natural History
invasivespeciesinfo.gov/ -- A unique source for invasive plant and animal species
MaNIS -- Mammal Networked Information System
Natural History Museum, London -- Extensive information on collections, research, with illustrations
Net Frog -- Interactive Frog Dissection
North American Mammals -- From the Smithsonian's National Museum of History. Includes printable field guides
Peregrine Net -- International Web Club for Adventist Birders and Friends
Primate Info net
Tweeters -- Washington state and British Columbia birding
Washington Birder -- Newsletter and state and county checklists
Whole Frog Project
WildFinder: mapping the world's species -- Wildlife may be searched by common or scientific name which gives users a map of where each species may be found.

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