All About Birds -- From Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
American Museum of Natural History
AquaNIC: Aquaculture Netowrk Information Center -- Gateway to the world's electronic aquaculture resources
Aquatic Commons -- A thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments.
ARKive -- Images of life on earth
BIO: Directorate for Biological Sciences -- National Science Foundation branch for biological sciences
BIODIDAC -- A Bank of Digital Resources for Teaching Biology
Biology Browser -- BiologyBrowser, produced by BIOSIS, is a free web site offering resources for the life sciences information community.
Biology Online -- Learn Biology Online is ideal for high school students and avid learners of the subject
Biology Project -- An Interactive Online Resource for Learning Biology
BioMed Central -- Peer-reviewed research articles in biology and medicine
BIOSCI -- Bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology
Bird Checklists of the United States
BRENDA; -- extensive information on enzymes, their properties, sequences and reactions
BUBL Link -- Extensive catalog of biology-related sites
Butterflies of North America
Census of Marine LIfe -- Global network of researchers assessing marine life
Coastal and Marine Geology Program -- From the USGS
CogPrints -- Scholarly pre-refereed preprinted papers on cognition
Consortium for Ocean Leadership -- Non-profit organization of US institutions engaged in marine research, policy and ed.
CSU BIOWEB -- Especially good starting point for students and beginners.
DrMetcalf -- Research-based site detailing Dr. Metcalf's contribution to the study of Cicadas
Early classics in biogeography, distribution and diversity studies to 1950
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences -- Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS) is the largest single reference source ever published in the biological sciences: Subject encyclopedia brought to you by WWU Library
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
EurekAlert Marine Science Portal -- Online global new service from the AAAS
Exploring Life's Origins -- Molecular illustrations and animations designed to help describe origins of life research and theories to a broad audience.
Federation of American Scientists -- Scholarly papers on disarmament, technology, animal health, nuclear problems, etc.
Fresh Water and Marine Image Bank -- Over 10,000 historical and modern images of fresh water and marine topics
Genamics -- Software, journal articles, books, genome research
Gene almanac -- Source for timely information about genes in your life.
GEO: Directorate of geosciences -- Division of the National Science Foundation dealing with atmospheric, earth and ocean sciences
GNN - Genome News Network
Harmful Algae : Red Tide -- Covers harmful effects of certain algae -- A unique source for invasive plant and animal species
Kimball's Biology Pages
Learn.Genetics -- Introductory materials about genetics and educational modules on current findings.
Linus Pauling Online
MarLIN: The Marine Life Information Network for Britain & Ireland -- Catalog of marine life in the seas around the British Isles
MendelWeb -- Johann Gregor Mendel classic genetics paper and related links
Microbial Life - Education Resources -- Explains the wide variety of research areas and projects in the field
Molecular Station Protocols Online -- Molecularstation is portal for molecular biology, dna, rna, protein, proteomics, protocols, bioinformatics, and product information.
National Center for Coastal and Ocean Science (NCCOS) -- Centralizes all the the NOAA's coastal research
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) -- Federal agency predicting changes in the ocean and the environment
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
National Sea Grant Library: a marine, coastal, and Great Lakes information resource
Natural History Museum, London -- Extensive information on collections, research, with illustrations
NatureServe -- A network connecting science with conservation.
NBII: National Biological Information Infrastructure -- Government site providing data and information on U.S. biological resources
NIH Stem Cell Information
Ocean Portal -- Ocean data and information from UNESCO
PLoS: Public Library of Science
Primate Info net
PrimateLit -- Bibliographic database on primates
PubMed Central -- is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.
ReefBase -- Global information system of coral reefs
Scholarly Societies Project: Biology
Science Netlinks -- Resources for K-12 science teachers -- Deep web search engine for all kinds of scientific articles
Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) -- Non-governmental interdisciplinary body organization promoting oceanographic activity
The TalkOrigins ARchive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy -- is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins.
Tree of Life
University of California Museum of Paleontology
Wildland Invasive Species Team -- One of the best compilations of information about invasive plants
WODselect (World Ocean Database) -- Oceanic profile collection, 1874-2000
WWW virtual library of cell biology -- Cell Biology
Yahoo's guide to Biology
Yahoo's guide to Biology
Yahoo's guide to Biology -- (NBS)

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