American Friends Service Committee -- Quaker values in action
ARDA -- American Religion Data Archive
Baptist Joint Committee -- Protecting Religious Liberty by Keeping Church and State Separate
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible -- Audio and text commentaries, search Strong's numbers and more!
Buddhanet -- From the Buddha Dharma Education Association
Catholic Enclyclopedia -- 1913 edition
CDRI: Digital resources for the study of religion -- digitized colllections of theological schools
Center on Religion and Democracy -- Full-text documents on history, religion, and political science
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Resources
Codex Sinaiticus -- This mid-fourth-century codex is the oldest relatively complete manuscript of the Bible and one of the oldest relatively complete extant books.
Counterbalance Interactive Library -- Multi-media project exploring the relationship between science and religion
Digital Quaker Collection -- From Earlham School of Religion
ECanon -- An XML database of canonical texts, currently containing various versions of the Bible
EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies -- 700 teaching and research images for Biblical Studies
English Literature and Religion
Exploring Religions
Faith Communities Today -- Largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States
Fides Quaerens Internetum -- (Theology)
Guide to Early Church Documents
Gutenberg Bible -- First mass produced book
Hartford Institutute for Religion Research -- Research on sociology and religion gathered during the last 25 years
ICLnet: Internet Christian Library
International Religious Freedom Report -- U.S. Dept. of State
Internet Sacred Text Archive -- Full text works on various religions, mythology, folklore, etc.
Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Religion -- Selective guide to Islamic resources, by Alan Godlas
Jainism -- Jainism: Jain principles, tradition, and practices
Jewish Encyclopedia
Jewish-Christian Relations -- From the International Council of Christians and Jews
Judaism -- Judaism and Jewish resources
Judaism 101
Muslim Student Association
Ontario Consultants on Religoius Tolerance
Pentecostal-Charismatic Theological Inquiry International -- Material for scholarly research into Pentecostalism
Project Wittenberg -- (Martin Luther)
Prophecies of Daniel & Revelation
Religion Explorer -- Search engine for religious sites
Religion Religions Religious Studies
Religion Today -- People, issues, and events impacting Christians
Religion Reference Library
Religions of the World
Religious Adherent Statistics -- statistics on religion worldwide
Religious Movements -- scholarly resource of existing and past religious movements
Resource pages for Biblical studies -- Early Judeo-Christian world
Resources for American Christianity -- Seeks to assist leaders and participants in Christian communities
RNS: Religious News Service -- The only news and photo service devoted to unbiased coverage of religion and ethics
Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index
Sikhism -- Gateway to Sikhism
The Tertullian Project
The Unbound Bible -- Search many different versions of the Christian Bible
Virtual Religion Index -- Designed to advance research in matters of religion
Wabash Center -- For Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

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