American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
ArXiv -- The premier electronic source for most streams of reserach in physics, mathematics, computer science, nonlinear sciences, and quantitative biology. e-Print archive -- Preprints in physics, math, computer science, and non-linear science
Cern Document Server -- Over 300,000 articles on particle physics
CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research -- World-reknowned laboratory where particle physics is studied
College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics -- Data on 86 women scientists
DC Physics -- Physics information for under-graduate students, by Doug Craigen
DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education -- A geoscience community resource that supports teaching and learning
Einstein Archives Online -- Albert Einstein Archives and the Einstein Papers Project
Einstein Light -- A presentation of Einstein's theory of relativity
Energy Citations Database -- From the U.S. Dept. of Energy -- Department of Energy scientific and technical information electronically available to public.
European Physical Society
Federation of American Scientists -- Scholarly papers on disarmament, technology, animal health, nuclear problems, etc.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) -- A Department of Energy national laboratory, managed by Universities Research Association
Health Physics Society
HEARSARC: High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center -- Offers astronomy resources, including images and educational material.
HyperPhysics -- Topics and exercises for undergraduate physics students
Imagine the Universe! -- Web site from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Laboratory for High Energy
Institute of Physics
IOP Select -- A free service from the Institute of Physics presenting cutting edge journal articles in physics
Kennedy Space Center -- From NASA
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics -- Offers access to institute publications from 1993-2005 in German and/or English
Museum of Unworkable Devices -- Celebration of fascinating devices that don't work
National Geospacial Data Clearinghouse -- A collection of over 250 spacial data servers
National Institute of Standards and Technology -- Measurement services & research in physics for industry from NIST
Newton Project -- Makes available the surviving works of Sir Isaac Newton
NIST Physics Laboratory Holdings by Element -- For atomic, nuclear, or condensed matter physics
NTRS: NASA Technical Reports Server
Office of Scientific and Technical Information: OSTI
Optical Society of America
Physical Reference Data -- - NIST standard measurement data
Physics 2000 -- An interactive introduction to modern physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder
Physics Applets (University of Oregon Department of Physics) -- Large collection of JAVA applets for use in courses in physics, astronomy, and environmental sciences
Physics Central -- From the American Physical Society
PSIgate (Physical Science Information Gateway) -- Reviewed sites containing current scientific information in the physical sciences
Science Netlinks -- Resources for K-12 science teachers -- Deep web search engine for all kinds of scientific articles
SPIE Web -- From the International Society for Optical Engineering
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center: SLAC -- A national laboratory operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Department of Energy
The NASA Astrophysics Data System -- The Digital Library for Physics, Astrophysics, and Instrumentation
Visual Quantum Mechanics -- Teaches quantum mechanics through simulations and tutorials
Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States -- Comprehensive resource on wind power from the Renewable Resource Data Center of the DOE

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