Geology / Earth Science

American Congress of Surveying and Mapping
American Geological Institute
Atlas of Rocks, Minerals, and Textures
Canadian Information Processing Society
Current Geotimes HomePage
DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education -- A geoscience community resource that supports teaching and learning
Earth Science World -- Educational site from the American Geological Institute featuring over 4000 geoscience images
GEO: Directorate of geosciences -- Division of the National Science Foundation dealing with atmospheric, earth and ocean sciences
Geode -- Geological Data from the USGS
GEOindex Home Page -- Internet directory of companies, associations, government, and education sites for the environmental, geology, geotechnical, hydrogeology, mining, & petroleum
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Geoscience Research Institute -- Studies the conflict between the theory of evolution with its billions of years for the progressive development of life and the biblical account of the creation of life by God in six literal days a few thousand years ago.
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
How Volcanoes Work
Impacts of Resource Development on Native American Lands -- Offers set of resources applicable to students and instructors in undergraduate earth science courses
Intute: Science, Engineering & Technology: Earth Sciences -- Comprehensive Internet gateway to the earth sciences
MetEd: Meteorology Education & Training -- From COMET (Cooperative Program for Operational Meterology)
Mineral Gallery
Mineralogical Society of America
National Geophysical Data Center -- Digital geopatial data collection
National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (WINDandSEA)
Natural Resources Canada Home Page
NOAA Arctic theme page -- Page including data, photographs, essays, and information on the Arctic & North Pacific Ocean regions by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Northwest Geological Society (NWGS) -- Regional association of persons interested in the field of geology.
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
PaleoNet Pages
Perry - Castaneda Library Map Collection
Rainbow of Gems The best source for Canadian science -- Deep web search engine for all kinds of scientific articles
The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
This Dynamic Planet -- World Map of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Impact Craters, and Plate Tectonics
U. S. Geological Survey Library
U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Resources Program -- Information on mineral resources in the U.S.
United States Geological Survey Internet Resources
United States Geological Survey Learning Web
USGS Volcano Hazards Program -- Updates and practical information on volcanoes in the US or outlying territories
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
World Data for Seismology
Worldwide career and employment opportunities in the geosciences and sciences
Worldwide career and employment opportunities in the geosciences and sciences
Worldwide career and employment opportunities in the geosciences and sciences -- Integrating faith and science

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