Computer Science

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre -- Covers adaptive technology for disabled persons and research about it e-Print archive -- Preprints in physics, math, computer science, and non-linear science
CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology -- Promotes educational opportunities for people with disabilities by focusing on Universal Design for web pages
Closing the Gap -- Contains a library of useful articles on technology for disabilities -- This award-winning site provides directories, reviews, price comparisons, and editorials on technology.
CODE Visual Parallel Programming System
CogPrints -- Scholarly pre-refereed preprinted papers on cognition
Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Computational Geometry Pages -- Web and print resources for computational geometry
Computer Almanac -- Interesting and useful numbers about computers.
Computer Vision Handbook
Design and Building Parallel Programs -- Handbook by Ian Foster
E-print Network -- Government database giving access to preprints from academic and research institutions and individual authors
ECCC TR Archive Sites List -- Computer science technical reports from research institutions around the world
Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC) -- Links to works and reports on computational complexity
Formal Methods -- Formal methods use math to develop and test computer software
Fortran Library -- General purpose Fortran 90 routines from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing -- A searchable dictionary of computing
Gentle Introduction to Haskell, Version 98 -- Tutorial for the Haskell programming language
Help-Site Computer Manuals -- Manuals for various operating systems
HP Technical Reports
HTML Code Tutorial -- Complete guide to creating web pages anywhere
IBM Research -- Technical reports from IBM
Institute for Information Technology -- From the National Research Council of Canada
Linux Documentation Project (LDP) -- Access to book-length Linux guides
Living Internet -- History of the internet
MacCentral -- Information on MacIntosh computers, including reviews, articles, and products
Microsoft Research
MSDN Online (Microsoft Developers Network) -- Technical information for Microsoft products and technologies
NetLingo, The Internet Dictionary -- Internet Dictionary of more than 3000 internet terms, smileys, emoticans, and text messaging shorthand terms -- Trends in Silicon Valley plus influential companies, banks, and magazines
Numerical Recipe Books On-Line -- Full-text of various recipe books
Research Channel -- Streaming video presentations of research seminars from major universities
SANS: SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security Institute -- Includes a list of the top 20 Internet security vulnerabilities. -- Information on Visual Basic
Shodar Education Foundation, Inc.: a National Resource for Computational Science Education -- Adapts computational science tools for classroom use
TechWeb: The Business Technology Network -- CMP Media's official website
TechXtra in Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing -- Access to article citations and full text, web sites, dissertations, industry news, job announcements, technical reports, e-prints, newsletters, and more.
Virtual Museum of Computing
W3schools -- Web developer tutorial
ZDNet Tech Life

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