Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre -- Dedicated to the advancement of chemistry and crystallography -- The website of the American Chemical Society
Chemistry Central -- A new open-access site for chemists publishing peer-reviewed research in chemistry.
Chemistry Special Information Services
Chemistry Webbook -Retrieve Chemical and Physical Data
CHEMnetBase -- Essential chemical reference works and databases
Crystallography Online -- Key site for the study of crystallography
Database of enzyme reactions
Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource (ESTIR) -- For chemical, electrical, or environmental engineering | Chemical Structure Drawing Search -- Free chemical structure search engine. Millions of public domain structures. Very fast substructure searching. Results link to data about these structures.
ExPASY Molecular Biology Server
Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics (FACT) -- Downloadable software for computational thermochemistry
Global Instructional Chemistry
Macrogalleria -- A readable and fun introduction to polymers
Martindale's: Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide -- Covers all aspects of synthetic organic chemistry research
Periodic Table Live! -- A one-stop site for data on every element.
Science Netlinks -- Resources for K-12 science teachers -- Deep web search engine for all kinds of scientific articles
Spectral Data Online -- Spectrosopic Analysis
The Periodic Table of the Elements
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
TOXNET -- From the National Library of Medicine
Virtual Chemistry
Visual Elements -- A visual presentation of the Table of Elements
WebElements Periodic Table

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