Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

This form is for students not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy who wish to make an appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Other non-SAP requests to the Committee should be made using the Petition to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee Form.
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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
* Provide a detailed explanation (e.g., illness, death in the family, or other extenuating circumstances) for your reason for failing the SAP policy. Please be specific in explaining the reason for withdrawing, not completing, or failing to earn a satisfactory grade for courses in all of the quarters you have attended college. Submit supporting documentation where appropriate.

Upload Supporting Documents
* Provide an explanation of what has changed (and provide documentation if appropriate) that will now allow you to comply with the SAP policy. Provide a statement of your academic objectives and your plan of corrective action.

You are required to meet with your academic advisor to discuss this appeal and your academic plan for improvement. Complete the Academic Plan Form (SAP Academic Plan) with your advisor and attach it here.
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If you are graduating within the next 3 quarters, attach your approved senior outline here.
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