FLL/JFLL Application to Attend
North Pacific Regional Robotics Challenge at Walla Walla University

FLL teams must have applied for this event on the TIMS site for coaches with FIRST and be sent an email directing you to this site prior to filling out this form. Forms that are filled out without the TIMS application being completed first are invalid. This application MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1 in order to be eligible to attend WWU’s April event. Application does not guarantee a spot. Complete one application for each team you plan to bring to WWU’s event. Accepted teams will receive an email with spreadsheet of information by mid-January to be completed and returned by the end of February
FIRST registration information
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* I understand that this application must be completed AFTER the TIMS event submission to assure the team coaches have passed the volunteer certification. The event coordinator has directed me to the Walla Walla LEGO event application to apply no later than February 15 for our team to be eligible to attend the North Pacific Regional Robotics Challenge at Walla Walla University. When accepted I will be sent the team registration spreadsheet to be submitted no later than February 28. I also recognize that at this point the submission of this application does not guarantee a spot at the Challenge.     Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:35 am
* I understand a Walla Walla University representative will contact our team’s primary contact regarding registration status. Once accepted and fully registered for the Challenge, our team will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee plus $7 per person registered if we are unable to participate.

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