Languages Senior Exit Survey

* Date:
Compared to other students you know:
How likely are you to become involved in volunteering your help to someone in need?
How likely are you to donate money to help someone in need?
How would you respond to the statement:
“It is my responsibility to help others in need.”
“It is difficult for an individual to serve others effectively without having strong personal faith and values.”
“I believe that graduates with a language degree should be more sensitive than other graduates to the needs of impoverished people in the world around them.”
How important would you say it is to:
Have a strong spiritual connection when serving others?
Have a world view that recognizes the needs of underprivileged groups and individuals?
What is the approximate number of community service or volunteer projects, both formal and informal, in which you have participated while in college?
In your experience at this institution, during this school year, about how often have you done each of the following?
Gotten to know a faculty member well:
Met with faculty during office hours
Talked with faculty informally out of class:
Worked with faculty on research or creative projects:
Talked with faculty about personal matters:
Sought academic advice from faculty:
Discussed graduate schools or career plans with faculty:
Worked collaboratively with fellow students on course projects:
Received prompt feedback from faculty on academic performance:
Understood that faculty had high expectations for performance:
Learned in a way that took advantage of your individual talents and style of learning:
Submitted extended writing (e.g. paper, essay) to be graded:
How satisfied are you with each of the following aspects of your educational experience?
Faculty instruction in major field:
Student involvement in major field:
Availability of faculty outside of class:
Faculty attitude toward students:
Course content in major:
Testing/grading procedures:
Class size:
Faculty use of technology to improve instruction:
Opportunities for internship:
Opportunities for independent study:
Opportunities for projects:
Practical work experiences in your field of study:
Overall academic experience:
During the current school year, to what extent has your course work emphasized the following mental activities?
Memorizing facts, ideas or methods from your courses and readings so you can repeat them in pretty much the same form.
Making judgements about the value of information, arguments, or methods such as examining how others gathered and interpreted data and assessing the soundness of their conclusions.
Analyzing the basic elements of an idea, experience or theory such as examining a particular case or situation in depth and considering its components.
Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experience into new, more complex interpretations and relationships.
Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations.
Please solve this problem ( why? ): eight plus four equals
  * Response required