GS Preliminary Assesment Report

Please use this form to submit your preliminary assessment report. This is not meant to be your final data analysis, but instead an initial report on the General Studies assessment you completed during the school year. This report is due by July 1.
Contact Information
General Studies Objectives
Please select one General Studies Objective that you assessed:

Excellence in Thought
Generosity in Service
Beauty in Expression
Faith in God
Assessment Tool
Describe the assessment tool you used.

Assessment Details
When did the assessment occur? In what class(es)? What is the criteria/benchmark for “success”?

Summary of Data
Please provide a summary of your findings. Include numerical values such as averages etc., the sample size or n size, but not raw data.

Use of Results
Please describe what this data means to your department. If you intend to make any changes to the delivery of your content, please include a timeline and description of these changes.

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