Advising Survey

Please complete this survey of your advising experience at WWU. Your responses will remain confidential. The Advisement Office tabulates responses and a summary is sent to the adviser. Advisers do not have access to your completed form. The information that you supply helps us improve the advising program. An outstanding adviser will be chosen based on the results of this survey. If you have two majors, please complete a survey for each major adviser.
Information About You
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Information About Your Adviser
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Please select a word or phrase to indicate your response to each statement or question.
How often do you physically meet with your adviser each quarter?
How convenient is it to see your adviser?
How much time do you spend working on your schedule before meeting with an adviser?
My adviser...
  ...communicates and represents the mission of Walla Walla University:
  ...provides accurate information:
                         willing to discuss problems that relate to my academic success:
  ...helps me select courses that match my interests and abilities:
                         available during posted office hours:
                         courteous and respectful:
  ...suggests resources from which I can obtain assistance: Teaching Learning Center, Career Center, Campus Health, Counseling and Testing Resource Center:
  ...models Christian principles:
  ...encourages me to develop as a whole person: spiritually, physically and intellectually:
  ...understands general studies requirements and has explained them to me:
  When my adviser does not know the answer to a question, he/she knows where to get the answer and/or directs me to the appropriate office for assistance:
  Meetings with my adviser are helpful and productive:
Has a current or former adviser gone over the WWU Bulletin and explained degree requirements for your major?
How satisfied are you with the quality of academic advising at Walla Walla University?
I have used the Advisement Report in myWWU.
  I have used the Advisement Report and find it helpful:
  I have used the services of the Academic Advising office and found it helpful:
If you feel your adviser is doing a good job, and you would like to nominate him or her for the Excellence in Advising Award, please do the following:
1) Give the name of your adviser;
2) Write a brief statement indicating why he or she should be nominated;
3) Sign your name.

If you feel your adviser needs to make improvements in his or her approach to advisement, please give us some suggestions of things your adviser could do to improve. (All responses are kept confidential)

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