Application for WWU Owned Housing

Current Students: If you are applying for an upcoming quarter, please sign up for the Waitlist via mywwu. If the Waitlist for the quarter you are applying has already closed or you need housing immediately, please continue with this application. If you are a Transfer Student, SM, ACA Student, or Faculty/Staff, please feel free to fill out and submit the application below.
Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:13 am
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HOUSING PREFERENCES: I would consider living in the following rental(s), check all that apply:
HOUSE (Rent varies)
*Rent rates are valid until June 30, 2016
**Please be aware that if a property comes open that you have not checked above, you will not be called.
As you are considering residing in University-owned Village Housing, it is important for us to inform you that your personal property contents would not be covered by WWU insurance should you obtain a residence. Because of this, we strongly encourage all tenants to obtain renter’s insurance. Also, smoking, drinking or other illegal substances are strictly prohibited in WWU owned housing. Pets are NOT allowed in any WWU Village housing.
  Please provide two (2) non-family references: preferably previous landlords, deans, advisor or a WWU supervisor:
* Name * Phone
* Name * Phone
* If I do not receive a rental then I understand that I must re-submit an application on the next sign up date in order to be on the waiting list for that quarter. I have completed the above information and testify that it is true and I understand that if I have falsified any information, my application will not be considered.

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