Cross-Cultural Ministries Class

Cross Cultural Ministries is taught by Paul Dybdahl and is offered spring quarter only. All SMs are required to register for RELM 233 (code 1164). Class meets MWF 1:00 – 1:50 PM.

Your year will be much easier if you have the information taught in this class.  SMs who find it necessary to return home early have typically not taken this
class. If you find it impossible to take the Cross-Cultural Ministries class, you must complete one of the two following alternatives.

  1. Audit RELM 233 - Sign up to audit the CCM class. You will receive no grade or credit for the class, but will be required to attend regularly. If you have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.00 and a course load of 13-16 hours you will only have to pay $10. If you have a cumulative gradepoint average of less than 3.00 or are registered for 12 hours or less you will be required to pay one-half regular tuition.

  2. Complete Preparation for Missions - an independent study class. To access the online course, go to Register online and follow the instructions stated on the login site. Please email or if you have difficulty accessing the class. This class must be completed before you can request a call.

If you have completed a Seventh-day Adventist college/university mission orientation class, have attended an Institute of World Mission (IWM) course, or have previously spent a year as a student missionary you are exempt from this requirement.

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