DELETE: Cooperative Education Student Agreement Form

The following procedure must be followed in order for the cooperative education experience to be academically acceptable. Please read carefully, provide the necessary information, and sign where indicated.
1. I will register at the Records Office with the Clearance for Registration Form provided by the Career Center before any of my hours will be counted for the Co-op experience. No retroactive credit will be allowed.
2. My Training Agreement & Learning Objective form will be completed and submitted to the Career Center by the second week of the Co-op experience.
3. I will submit my Weekly Time Sheets every week by electronic submission.
4. I will submit the Student Evaluation & Employer Evaluation during the last week of the quarter so my advisor can assign a grade.
5. I understand that it is my responsibility to meet all of these requirements for my Co-op experience at Walla Walla University.
The Co-op Coordinator has explained, and I have read, the above information. I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that all the requirements are met.
* Student Name
Goes By
* ID Number
* Email Address
* Phone Number (during Co-op term)
* Co-op Company
* Co-op Advisor (whoever grades you)
* Co-op Term & Number of Credits
* Employer/Supervisor
* Major
* Expected Graduation Date
* Have you talked to your academic advisor about this position?
* Current Cumulative GPA
  * Response required