Conflict of Interest Declaration

1. I am in full compliance with the "Conflict of Interest" policy. (See Below, Under Electronic Signature Section as to Conflict of Interest Statement of Policy) and have been in compliance at all times during the past twelve months except as disclosed below. 2. Except as disclosed below. I have had no financial interest, family or business relationship, which competes with or conflicts with the interests of Walla Walla University, including: a. Neither I nor my family have had financial interest in; been an employee, officer, director, or trustee of; or received financial benefits either directly or indirectly from any enterprise (excluding less than five percent (5%) ownership in any entity with publicly traded securities), which is or has been doing business with (or a competitor of) Walla Walla University. b. Neither I nor my family have received substantial payments or gifts (other than token value) from suppliers or agencies doing business with Walla Walla University or its competitors or from other denominational (SDA) entities. c. Neither I nor my family have participated in any decision-making process involving financial or legal interests that are in competition with or adverse to Walla Walla University (including serving as an officer, director, trustee, or agent of any organization affiliated with Walla Walla University that has financial or legal interests that are in competition with or adverse to Walla Walla University. d. I have no business or family relationship with officers of Walla Walla University (or its Board Members) except as disclosed below.
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* THIS DECLARATION applies, to the best of my knowledge, to all members of my immediate family (spouse, children, parents) and its provisions shall protect any organization affiliated with or subsidiary to Walla Walla University. In the event facts change in the future that may create a potential conflict of interest, I agree to notify Walla Walla University in writing. Please type your name, this acknowledges you have read the declaration.     Wed Oct 1, 2014 3:24 pm
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