Surprise Your Student! Order Form

Whether it’s a birthday, a special accomplishment, exam week or even a simple “I miss you,” we’ll deliver a package from you.
If you would like to order/pay by telephone, please call 1-800-377-2586 with your credit card information. This form is for online payments only.
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This item requires a minimum of 2 business days to process.
Would you like to purchase a cake for your student?
(8" round, includes plates, forks and napkins)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Cake Flavors (choose one):
Cake Fillings (choose one):
Cake Icing (choose one):
Preferred Decorating Colors

Message on Cake:

Care Package
Bouquet of Flowers
Quantity: @ $25.00 = $
Fruit Basket
Quantity: @ $25.00 = $
Medley Basket
(fruit, cheese, crackers, candy, etc.)
Quantity: @ $30.00 = $
The above items require a minimum of 2 business days to process.
Balloon Bouquet
(3 assorted shapes, colors and messages)
Quantity: @ $8.00 = $
$20 Gift Certificates
Panda Express (College Place)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Blue Palm Frozen Yogurt (Walla Walla)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Del Taco (College Place)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Subway (College Place)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Roger’s Bakery & Cafe (College Place)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
La Casita Mexican Restaraunt (Walla Walla)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
Starbucks (Walla Walla)
Quantity: @ $20.00 = $
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We are not able to process International credit card orders through the website.

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US or International payment
After you submit this form, you will be given the number to call with your credit card information.
Deliveries will be made to the resident hall front desk. Students not in the dorm will be notified to pick up their gifts from the Alumni Department.
Surprise Your Student! is not available on the Portland Campus. Sponsored by the WWU Parent Relations Department.
Please send checks to:
WWU Alumni Association
204 S. College Ave
College Place, WA 99324.

Please send a printed copy of this form, along with your check.
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