Cooperative Education Employer Evaluation

Employer Information
* Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:21 pm
* Employer/Supervisor * Company/Agency Name
* Agency Phone * Student Name
* Current Term * Mailing Address
Evaluation Scale: Attitude Toward Work
  * Uses time effectively:
  * Keeps busy, looks for work to do:
  * Looks for ways to improve - is alert to new methods:
  * Practices businesslike habits:
Job Learning/Skill Improvement
  * Shows continual improvement and speed in completing work.:
  * Can work independently :
  * Exhibits adequate knowledge learned in classroom to perform tasks:
  * Learns with ease, understands work/ responsibilities:
  * Dresses appropriately for the job:
  * Exhibits cleanliness, good hygiene:
Quality of Work
  * Uses care with equipment and materials:
  * Completes job in minimal time:
  * Able to follow and understand directions:
  * Is accurate and careful in work, will ask questions when needed:
  * Can adapt to working conditions, is flexible:
Relations with Others
  * Cooperates with supervisor, is respectful:
  * Works well with others, shares workload:
  * Accepts Suggestion(s):
  * Is courteous, and helpful with public/conditions:
  * Is on time to work, and remains until required hours are completed:
  * Alerts supervisor if absent or late to work:
  * Plans ahead to re-arrange work schedule:
Performance Evaluation
  * Overall Performance:
Additional Comments
* What comments can you make concerning the student’s strengths observed on the job?

* In what areas of work does the student need to improve?

* Would you recommend this student for employment in your own or another firm?
* This evaluation has been completed comparing the students to:
* I have reviewed the student’s weekly time sheets:
* I have discussed this evaluation with the student:
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