Service Day Signup

3 Clean up at the Downtown Farmers Market Site Clean up of the flower and shrub beds and general cleanup of the facility. Spreading of wood chips in above-mentioned flower beds. 18 2
4 Yard Work with Aging and Long Term Care Raking leaves, weeding flower beds, moving multiple storage containers for a physically disabled woman. 8 2
6 Stream Restoration with Walla Walla Housing Authority Cleaning and replanting a streambed 25 15
8 Cleaning the Red Cross building and grounds Raking leaves, pulling weeds, washing windows/building, cleaning exterior light fixtures, washing van/trailer 2 3
9 SonBridge Community Center Renovation Removing carpet from hallways and possibly some demolition. 6 6
13 Shed painting and yard work for a woman who is elderly Painting, digging around and under buildings to prevent ant hills, and trimming of shrubs and trees. 12 3
14 Yard work with Elevate Recovery Yard cleaning and light landscaping (laying bark, planting flowers, taking leaves and branches, sweeping driveway...) 7 3
19 Doan Creek Restoration Remove a pinned and partial buried landscape cloth on 200 feet of Doan creek at Whitman Mission NHS. 15 10
20 Spring clean up of Christian Aid Center grounds. Raking leaves, weeding, trimming bushes and other clean up. 4 8
21 Clean, organize, sort materials at Builders ReSupply Students will be cleaning, sorting, and organizing donated product at Builders ReSupply. Materials may be loaded onto the truck for recycling, some materials may go to the landfill. 8 2
24 Housekeeping and Home Repairs for those who are Seniors and who Have a Disability Window washing, mopping, vacuuming, shampooing, organizing, dusting, oven and stove cleaning, assistance with fixing a client's printer, and minor repairing of furniture (re-upholstery). 10 7
25 Cleaning the Health Center The students would be doing a deep clean on the Health Center, a school-based health clinic that is affiliated with Lincoln High School. Tasks would include: sweeping, mopping, washing surfaces and baseboards. 3 2
26 YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Activities awareness activities involve sidewalk chalk drawings of sexual assault facts, sharing the YWCA Crisis Line number, putting informational magnets in women's restrooms (on campus and in assigned areas of town), distributing "safety plan" cards, hanging posters. Please note that the numbers in item three are per campus, so the total minimum is 6 and the total max is 30. 29 1
27 Housekeeping and Carpet Shampooing for the Elderly Window washing, vacuuming, shampooing, oven cleaning, mattress turning, organizing, moving furniture, mopping, and tile washing. 4 16
28 Private Residence General house cleaning, yard projects, possibly helping put in a sprinkler system 0 6
29 Private Residence Inside and outside general cleaning and maintenance 1 5
30 Private Resident Yard Work and other various projects 0 6
100 Project 100 Staff set-up, Sound, ASWWU photographers 30 20