Helping With Your Travel Costs

Thank you for your interest in Walla Walla University--we'd love to show you our campus! Our campus is available for visits Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon.

We understand that a visit to our campus can mean some added expenses, and we'd like to help.*

  1. Getting Here -- We reimburse half of a prospective student's travel expenses, up to $250!** Plus, when you enroll at WWU, we'll give you up to another $250 travel expense reimbursement, which will be applied to your WWU student account. To be eligible for the reimbursement, please provide all fuel or flight receipts. Walla Walla University will help cover your expenses for one campus visit. Also, guests must attend all scheduled meetings to be eligible for reimbursement.

    If a sponsor brings four high-school-age prospective students for an organized campus visit, we will pay half of the sponsor's travel, up to $250. If a sponsor brings eight or more high-school-age prospective students, we will pay up to $500 of the sponsor's travel expenses. Again, please keep and provide receipts to be eligible for the reimbursement.

  2. Your Stay is on Us -- We offer lodging for prospective students and up to three of their immediate family members.  To ensure a quality campus visit experience, we look for on-campus housing options first (for example, our Alumni Center guest rooms or University Housing guest rooms).  If the guest is under 18 years old, the guest may be housed in the residence halls. In this case, the guest may need to bring sleeping bags/bedding as appropriate. We are unable to provide housing during our tournaments, our apologies.

  3. Hungry?  For your convenience, we offer up to nine meals for prospective students and their immediate families. Our WWU guest meal cards can be used for on and around campus dining options such as the cafeteria, the Student Association Center, the Dairy Express and and Roger's Bakery.

  4. Airport Transportation -- If you're flying into Walla Walla Regional Airport (ALW) or Pasco Regional Airport (PSC), we can provide transportation to/from these airports. Guests will be responsible for making ground travel arrangements from other locations subject to the $250 travel reimbursement limit with receipts. Please provide a copy of your travel itinerary in advance to ensure  that your pick-up/drop-offs are on schedule.

  5. Reimbursement Receipts -- To ensure your reimbursement (and to help us keep our books straight), all requests for visit reimbursements should be made no later than 60 days after your visit. Please provide original itemized receipts for reimbursement.

If you have questions or would like additional information about a visit to Walla Walla University, please contact Guest Relations at (509) 527-2091 or

*Walla Walla University will help cover your expenses for one campus visit. Also, guests must attend all scheduled meetings to be eligible for reimbursement.

**On a $400 plane ticket we would give you $200 for the first half of your reimbursement and another $200 scholarship upon enrollment. If your plane ticket was $600 we would reimburse you $250 for the first half and another $250 scholarship upon enrollment.

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