Campus-based loans

If you borrowed a Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Nursing Loan, and/or an Institutional Loan while at Walla Walla University, then Walla Walla University is your lender.  Our loans are serviced by University Accounting Service so your statements and account notifications will come from them.  They have a website where you can access your account information.  If you have questions about deferment, cancellation, or payments please contact us directly at 800-656-2333.

Mail student loan payments, payable to Walla Walla University to: 

University Accounting Service
PO Box 5291
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5291 – download deferment and cancellation forms – access your account information and make payments online
Fax 1.262.780.7396

Mail deferment and cancellation paperwork to:

Student Loan Office
Walla Walla University
204 S College Ave
College Place WA 99324


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