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Financial Aid and Paying For College

101 - How Will I Pay For My Higher Education?

102 - How Do I Apply For Financial Aid?

103 - What Do I Need to Know About Repaying My Student Loans?

104 - What If I Have Trouble Repaying My Student Loans?

105 - How Do I Manage My Student Loans While I'm in School?


School and Personal Life Management

201 - How Do I Achieve My Goals?

202 - What Do I Need to Know Before I Select a Program of Study?

203 - How Do I Live on a Budget While I'm in School?

204 - How Do I Manage My School Life

205 - How Do I Manage My Personal Life While I Am in School


Graduating Students

301 - Now That I Am About to Graduate, How Do I Find a Job?

302 - How Do I Prepare for a Job Interview?

303 - How Do I Establish Career Goals?

304 - Where Does My Paycheck Go?

305 - How Do I live on a Budget After I Have Completed School?

306 - What Do I Need to Know When Deciding to Pursue a Graduate Degree?


Credit and Money Management

401 - How Do I Manage My Credit Card Debt?

402 - What Do Credit Scores Mean to Me?

403 - What Do Credit Reports Mean to Me?

404 - How Can I Protect Myself From Identity Theft?

405 - How Do I Manage My Debt?

406 - How Do I Set Savings Goals?

407 - How Can I Make the Most of My Savings?


Graduate and Professional Students

601 - How Much is My Graduate Degree Going to Cost?

602 - How Will I Pay For My Graduate Education

603 - How Much Income Should I Expect?

604 - How Do I Budget While in Graduate School?

605 - How Can I Control Spending While in Graduate School?

606 - How Do I Manage My Debt While Pursuing My Graduate Degree?

607 - How Do I Survive My Graduate Education?

608 - How Do I Survive During My Medical Residency?


Couples In School

701 - How Do We Cope With School and Our Relationship?

702 - How Do We Manage Our Money While In School?

703 - How Can We Have a Life With So Little Money?


Each course is expected to take about 20-30 minutes to complete.


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