Exit Counseling for Federal Loans

All Federal Stafford Loan borrowers are required to complete exit counseling for their loans when they leave Walla Walla University. The link below will take you to StudentLoans.gov where you will complete the required counseling. 

You will use your Federal PIN from the FAFSA to log in.  To request a new or duplicate pin, visit pin.ed.gov.  In order to complete the exit counseling, you will need your Driver's License, expected permanent address, employer information, and contact information for your next of kin and two personal references (with different addresses).

Read the information carefully. There will be questions throughout the exit counseling that you must answer correctly. The exit counseling session will take about 30 minutes to complete.

After you log in, select "Complete Counseling", then "Start" Exit Counseling.

Ready to begin?  Click the image below or click here.

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Last update on April 2, 2013