Release of Transcript or Degrees

By action of the Board of Trustees of the University, a diploma or transcript (official or unofficial) may not be released until the following criteria are met:

    * The student's account is paid in full.
    * The student has paid only short-term loans cosigned by WWU.
    * The student's Perkins, Nursing, and Institutional loans are current.
    * The student's loan exit interviews are complete (Diploma only).

To expedite the release of transcripts, diplomas, and other legal documents, a money order, credit card payment, or certified check should be sent to cover the balance of the student's account. Requests for transcripts must be made in writing, signed by the student, and either faxed or mailed to the Academic Records Office.

When transcripts are requested online, an electronic copy costs $8, and a mailed paper copy costs $10. For transcripts requested by hard copy, the cost is $15 for a mailed paper copy.

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