Financial Aid Information Special to Undergraduate Canadian Students

Available Financial Aid

CANADIAN GRANT. (Up to $3500; renewable) Walla Walla University makes this grant available to Canadian students whose support comes from wages earned in Canada. The student must have first enrolled at WWU prior to the 2011-12 school year.

The grant is awarded on the basis of financial need, which must be demonstrated through the completion of the financial aid application process.

In order to be considered for this grant after the initial year, applicants must complete a Walla Walla University Canadian Financial Aid Application and may be asked to provide Canadian tax papers.

FISHER SPECIAL LOAN FOR CANADIAN STUDENTS. (Up to $2,500 per year; renewable) This loan is funded through the generosity of Andrew and Evelyn Fisher for Canadian students whose support comes from wages earned in Canada and whose initial enrollment was prior to the 2011-12 school year. Loans are awarded on the basis of need as evidenced by submission of an application supplied by Walla Walla University.  Canadian tax papers may also be required. Terms are similar to those of the Federal Perkins Loan except there are no cancellation provisions for employment.

are administered by the government of Canada and provide assistance for Canadians needing assistance to attend a university.

THE CANADIAN STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM, allows students from Canada to fund their education in the USA.  Students applying for this loan will need a US citizen or permanent resident co-signer. Canadian students can apply for this loan online or by telephone, and can borrow annually the cost of attendance.

Canadian students are also eligible to receive scholarships and to hold on-campus jobs.  See the Scholarships and Employment sections for further information.


Eligibility for Financial Aid

In order to be considered as a potential recipient of financial aid available to Canadian students, a student must complete and submit a WWU Canadian Financial Aid Form (instead of the FAFSA), and copies of the student's and parents' income tax forms.

Distribution of Financial Aid

Entitlements (scholarships, subsidy, veteran's benefits, etc.)amount varies
Work Program$3,900
WWU Canadian Grant
     First Year (prior to 2011-12)5,000
     Subsequent years3,500
Fisher Special Loan2,500
Other Aidamount varies

Canadian Financial Aid Application

Additional Resources for Canadian Students

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